Health Food
We are developing the candidates as other functional foods.
Dementia Drugs

We will perform clinical phase 2 for DHED or Minocycline.

Tests & Diagnosis
Knockdown of S100a9 dramatically reduces burden of neuritic plaques.
Stem Cells
Adipose stem cell, Placental stem cell, Blood cell

Seoul National University laboratory bio-venture company

The company’s founder, Professor Suh Yoo-hun based on brain science career of 30 years, to uncover the cause of dementia developing innovative therapeutics, established the company for a healthier life for an aging society.

Dementia drug substance DHED development

The company BT-11 and the development of therapeutic agents for Alzheimer DHED, with regard to the technology holds the 8 cases of intellectual property rights (including pending three) and has, in particular, taking into account the characteristics of drug development projects take a long time, primarily BT-11 promote the health food business combination and using such extract.

Eco-friendly herbal medicine

Developed materials with certified natural health food substance extracted from Natural / food (遠志), and separation of natural ingredients, refining, through the synthesis and contribute to public health by the treatment of disease and disease prevention in the general population of patients at the same time.

KFDA recognition of individual orthopedic products

The sheet material of the BT-11 (遠志) is “meant to keep forever” is the name given to good to its name has been created and enhanced memory and forgetfulness in meaning. Main producers are cold and so on Siberia, Mongolia, and grown in the high mountains, which grows wild in the domestic cultivation devised. Health Food BT-11 Individual orthopedic products FDA acknowledged underway.

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